About Us

Public health is an interdisciplinary science dealing with the health of the population as a whole. It is a sensitive field  as it deals with the health of the individuals. Public health education addresses health issues of individuals and population a well. www.knowpublichealth.com  is the interface to provide information over such health related issues.

‘Know Public Health’ team will focus towards sharing and updating health related articles, information, news, issues etc.  as we take ‘healthy life’ as basic right of people. We will be acting as a platform of condensed information related to Public Health by managing the information under one roof.

Our vision is to share knowledge related to Public Health to all the readers in simple and understandable science. To fulfill our vision, we have a qualified personnel from various disciplines working composedly. We are regularly updating our contents to make our readers up-to-date. This is our small step towards making global readers more commented towards public health and issues related to Public Health.

We are looking forward to your valuable suggestions and queries.

Let’s make world know more about public health.

Some team members who are directly active in the site management are:

  1. Bibek Raj Giri – Management Head
  2. Sagar Aryal – Advising Committee Head
  3. Suraj Ghimire– Financial Head
  4. Swapnil Godbharle– Senior Editor
  5. Bimarsh Raj Giri– Editor and Content Writer
  6. Zakir Hussain Mirzae– Content Writer